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At HIDROGEA we innovate to give you a better service every day.

At HIDROGEA we are clear about our commitment to transparency and aspire to build closer relationships with our customers day by day. We want to stay true to our responsibility to look after them.

HIDROGEA, the care of water.

What is 'corporate responsibility'?

HIDROGEA is a responsible organisation. Its commitment to society is reflected in our actions to protect the environment, in our adoption of advanced, clean technologies, in our investment in R&D&I, in our involvement in local communities and, ultimately, in our willingness to engage in dialogue and collaboration.

Only thus, through commitment and responsibility, can we as a company fulfil our greatest vocation, that of meeting the expectations of thousands of people throughout the region.
So that you can learn more about corporate responsibility at HIDROGEA, in this section you will find detailed information on the efforts the company makes in this area.

The management of the complete water cycle, a commitment to the environment, striving for the highest quality standards, technological advancement and a desire to serve are the basis for the decisions that HIDROGEA makes in its journey towards sustainable development.


To be a leading company dedicated to the management of local public services, with close ties to the people it serves.


To operate in the areas of the complete water cycle and manage local public services, with utmost efficiency, quality, continuity of service, technological innovation and environmental management.

  • Commitment to the environment and active participation in its protection.
  • Striving for the highest quality standards for our products and services.
  • Technological advancement.
  • Diversity and the sustainable development of society.
  • Promotion of dialogue and participation in regard to society and the environment.
  • Environmental commitments.
  • The activities carried out in relation to the complete water cycle are inextricably linked to the preservation of the environment. HIDROGEA, as a company that manages a natural resource, is aware of its commitment to society and the environment in which it operates.

That is why it manages the services linked to drinking water distribution and wastewater collection based on an approach strongly founded on environmental awareness, striving at all times to provide our users with the best service possible 24 hours a day, without sacrificing the efficiency that is our trademark.
Our commitment to the environment is marked by wastewater collection and industrial discharge control, along with a series of initiatives and actions aimed at environmental conservation.
In carrying out our activities, we seek to find a balance between creation and economic value, the use of the most effective and efficient technology and environmental commitment, working to reduce the impact our activity has on the environment.

Social commitments

  • HIDROGEA aims to be a competitive company in expansion, improving its market position and generating profits, not only for the company, but also for its customers.
  • The creation of economic value by increasing profits and solvency allows the company to fulfil its mission and continue growing. This also allows the services we manage to be improved, making greater investments in human capital and prioritising research and innovation. Therefore, one of our commitments is to maximise the performance of our assets, developing a firm, solid business structure that will become one of the pillars of socioeconomic development in the region of Murcia.
  • Commitment to value creation HIDROGEA aims to be a competitive company in expansion.
  • Commitment to innovation.

Creativity and innovation are fundamental to the improvement of efficiency and in responding to the new needs of today's society.

HIDROGEA views promoting the creativity and innovation of its human team as an essential value, and achieves this through training, research and strengthening the abilities of each man and woman at the company.

HIDROGEA is aware of the need for continuous training within a company to ensure that it remains a leader in its sector.

Professional commitments

The professional ethics of HIDROGEA are based on integrity, compliance with current legislation in all its branches (but with special emphasis on health and OHS regulations), respect for the commitment made to the towns and cities we manage in Murcia, the transparency of procedures and customer relations, dialogue with and clear information from Customer Services, a desire to serve and the constant improvement of our relationship with the community.

HIDROGEA's ethical commitment to the private customers, industries and municipal councils that we serve is the foundation for a relationship based on trust and the search for continuity and continuous improvement.

HIDROGEA makes itself available to its customers in order to offer them its experience and technology to solve any problem related to the service we provide, bringing to the table customised solutions that put all worries to rest, which is why we have departments for customer services and technical matters that study, analyse and respond to issues.