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Water supply management

Water distribution

The drinking water supply systems in the towns where we provide our services consist of distribution networks taking water straight to residents’ homes.

  • There are 115 catchment and water purchase points to ensure the supply to over 400,000 inhabitants.
  • We supply over 40 hm3 a year to eight towns.
  • Our drinking water distribution network is 3,500 km long, with 65 drinking water tanks that can hold up to 75,000 m3 and 43 drinking water pumping stations (DWPS).

The drinking water distribution system is divided into sectors and has pressure regulators installed so the supply can be adapted to real demand, thereby minimising losses. The network is almost completely meshed and has an integrated remote control system together with continuous management of technical parameters, helping improve the health properties of the water.

Geographic information system (GIS)

At Hidrogea we have worked to implement a geographic information system (GIS) in the region. This tool enables a more sustainable use of our supply network, together with the application of the most innovative remote control systems and division of the network into sectors, to ensure high performance.