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Municipal water supply

Where your drinking water comes

Most of the water used for the drinking water supply to the towns where we provide our services comes from the Canales del Taibilla Municipal Association (MCT), but also from other sources, such as drinking water treatment and desalination plants, springs, wells and wholesale water supplies.

The water resources in the region depend mainly on:

  • Canales del Taibilla Municipal Association (MCT): Ninety-five per cent of the supply comes from the different sources of the MCT, as the wholesale supplier, which vary depending on availability (Tajo-Segura water transfer channel, Canales del Taibilla and desalination plants).
  • Hidrogea’s drinking water treatment plants: The Los Guillermos drinking water treatment plant (DWTP) treats drinking water from the Tajo-Segura water transfer channel and supplies it exclusively to the town of Alcantarilla.

After catchment, the water is taken to the different treatment plants, from where we distribute it to the networks, reaching residents’ homes at the highest quality. For Hidrogea, it is essential to guarantee the supply of drinking water to homes and companies, which is why we always seek to bring about integrated management of resources and improvements in sustainable water management efficiency.